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Tallahassee; Florida’s Stunning State Capital

Tallahassee Cityscape
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The history of the Florida state capital.

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Nowadays, Tallahassee is home to over 30,000 Florida State University students. However, originally Tallahassee was occupied by the Apalachee tribe, who encountered Spanish explorer, Hernando de Soto, when he took over their village from 1538 to 1539. Anhaica, the Apalachee village in Tallahassee, was where the tribe’s people were living when De Soto arrived and the villagers were treated brutally. The Apalachee people did not take to this well and resisted De Soto passionately. The conflict grew for one year, and by the Spring of 1539, De Soto gladly moved on from the area. Anhaica was eventually burnt down on March 31, 1818. This blazing fire was started by General Andrew Jackson, at the start of the First Seminole War. 

When Florida was made an American territory in 1821, two state capitals were established, St. Augustine and Pensacola. Tallahassee became an important location, because it was just between the two capitals. This led to Tallahassee becoming the official state capital in 1824.

Florida State University is one of the notable landmarks. Its impressive architecture and remarkable landscape makes it Tallahassee’s most popular landmark today. However, Florida State is home to some fascinating moments in history. In 1963, Famous Orchestra leader, Count Basie, performed with his orchestra at Florida State University. After the performance, Basie was refused service at The Mecca across the street, due to the color of his skin. Protests erupted in the area the next day, with Basie himself taking part in the demonstrations. The Mecca would officially desegregate years later. Tallahassee is also known for the heinous crimes committed by infamous serial killer Ted Bundy inside an FSU sorority house. In 1978, Bundy entered the sorority house, taking the lives of two women, and severely injuring two others.

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What’s To Do in Tally Today?

Favorite Historical Site – Vietnam War Memorial

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On November 12, 1985, Gov. Bob Graham dedicated the Florida’s Vietnam War Memorial to all known Floridians killed in the Vietnam War. The memorial contains the names of these fallen soldiers along with a twenty-eight by fifteen foot U.S. flag.

You can find the memorial in Downtown Tallahassee, across from the Old Capitol Building. Because Florida is home to over 450,000 Vietnam veterans, it is a nice way to pay tribute to those lost in the war.

Best Tourist Attraction – Tallahassee Museum

The Tallahassee Museum has something for everyone. Not only can you learn about the native habitats of local wildlife, but you can also gaze at historic pioneer buildings, grab a bite in their cafe, or play on their playground.

The best part is the outdoor zip line adventure course that you can take to get your blood pumping. There are other educational exhibits and classes at the museum, making it a fun and educational time for the whole family.

As a guest, you can take various tours, such as the Wildlife Tour where you can watch indigenous animals, such as the Florida Panther and the red wolf, in their natural habitats.


Best Bite – Wells Brothers Bar and Grill

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If you go to Tally, don’t miss out on Wells Brothers Bar and Grill, or Monks, as it’s known to locals. It’s known for being a restaurant bar with good vibes, good food, and reasonable prices. They have a great selection of burgers, but you should probably try the “Gator Hater.” It’s no secret that the rivalry with Gainesville Gators is strong, but even a Gator themselves would admit this is a delicious burger.

For more information on Tallahassee, visit the official tourism website.

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